Mixed uses. Diverse assets. Public yet private…

 a “Little Bit of Everything”

An industrial center. A technology campus.  A state-of-the-art workforce training center.  A public asset that operates like a business.  Perhaps the best way to describe Satsop Business Park is  “A Little Bit of Everything”.  Tenants of the Park have found that when it comes to infrastructure, utilities and facilities Satsop Business Park definitely delivers on that title.

As a facility of the Port of Grays Harbor, Satsop Business Park is a community-owned facility that operates like a private company.  Surrounded by 1200 acres of FSC-certified, sustainably managed forest land, Satsop Business Park offers more than 600 acres of developable land, robust utilities and a variety of facilities to private and public organizations looking to invest, employ and grow in Grays Harbor.

Encouraging sustainable practices, Satsop Business Park is the original re-use story.  Originally constructed as a nuclear power plant that was never finished, the robust infrastructure of the site sat idle for many years.  Citizens of Grays Harbor recognized the value of this infrastructure and worked to transfer ownership to a public development authority.  The Grays Harbor Public Development Authority (GHPDA) successfully converted the site from it’s unfinished state to the first class, mixed-use business park we enjoy today.   With a shared mission to increase investment and employment opportunities in the region, the GHPDA transferred the assets and management of the Park to the Port of Grays Harbor in January 2013.  With over 100 years of experience in developing relationship to strengthen the Grays Harbor economy, the Port of Grays Harbor combined the Park into their portfolio of properties and services.

The Port of Grays Harbor boundaries include all of Grays Harbor County, on Washington State's Pacific Coast. Governed by three elected commissioners, the Port of Grays Harbor's mission is to best utilize our resources to facilitate, enhance and stimulate international trade, economic development and tourism for the betterment of the region.  Learn more about the Port of Grays Harbor’s facilities and services.


Satsop at dawn
The Port of Grays Harbor Marine Terminal 4
Port Commissioners  Stan Pinnick, Tom Quigg and Phil Papac

Alissa Shay