Adjacent to the structures are large areas for equipment and parking. Office space is available for filming and production support.

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photos above by Arno Jenkins |

Reactor Building

The Reactor building once housed the reactor though it was never fueled and has been removed. The main circular building space is 280 feet tall, 160 feet across and 20,000 square feet in volume. It has a 250 ton overhead crane.

An adjacent space holds two massive stainless steel pools.

The Cooling Towers

Two enormous, unused nuclear towers that stand nearly 500 feet tall are available for filming. The base is 440 feet wide with a diameter of 260 feet at the throat and 280 feet at the top. One tower is open from the ground to the sky, the other has a large internal platform seen on the right.

A metal stairway on the outside of each tower takes you to the top where a narrow walkway circles the rim.

Tunnels, Halls and Interiors

We have several large concrete interior spaces with easy equipment access and also a large maintenance shop with an overhead crane.

There are three 12 foot tunnels: two are 1,000 feet long and a third is close to 900 feet long.

Spaces shown on the right are in the lower sections of the Reactor Auxiliary Building. Below is the tunnel training facility.

Alissa Shay