The power, connections and capacity to grow your business

Industrial water rights.  Cooling capacity.  Redundant electrical and telecommunications service. Domestic treatment capacity.  Satsop Business Park is equipped with the infrastructure companies need to compete and grow in today’s global economy.

Partnerships with private and public providers have created a robust infrastructure system serving businesses at the Park.  With an on-site Grays Harbor Public Utility District power station, industrial water rights, telecommunications via multiple fiber optic connections, on-site domestic wastewater treatment facilities, natural gas and on-site cooling capabilities the land and buildings at Satsop Business Park can meet the needs of diverse businesses - from manufacturing to data centers.

Key Infrastructure Features

• Natural gas 4-inch and 20-inch lines

• Secure, unrestricted water rights to 6.9 million gallons per day (10.8 cfs or 4,847 gpm) of high-quality water

• 496-foot natural draft cooling tower with a 24.4 acre-feet cooling pond basin; potential heat exchange capacity is 6.8 billion BTU/hour. Spray header distribution to tower

• Both potable and industrial water wells

• Four water storage tanks for fire protection and potable water, total of 1,030,000 gallons

• Fire protection pumping to 10,000 gallons per minute

• Four separate fiber connections serve the Park coming from different directions and various providers.

• Two on-site power switch yards, one BPA and one Grays Harbor PUD

• Power: Redundant 115kV BPA feeds

• 41.5 MVA main transformer with back-up

• Underground 12.5KV site distribution system

• Wastewater treatment plant - 50,000 gallons per day - sized for a workforce of 5,000

• Access to Chehalis River for shipping via industrial-sized barge slip

Alissa Shay