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April 2018 - Take a look at the "Power Play" feature article on Sastop Business Park

March 2018 - The Satsop Business Park is excited to announce the addition of a food truck to support its growing customer base. Mug Shot, owned and operated by Darrell and Angie Chambers, opened this week to the excitement of all who call the business park ‘home’ during the week.

January 2019 - Would you like to get up close to the cooling towers and learn about the exciting new things happening at the Satsop Business Park? Well, now is your chance!

December 2018 - Positioning Grays Harbor for economic opportunities of the future, the commissioners of the Port of Grays Harbor and Grays Harbor Public Utility District (PUD) held a joint Commission meeting Tuesday, December 18, 2018, to learn more about future infrastructure projects, including the possibility of attracting transoceanic fiber and the need for additional power capacity at Satsop Business Park.

January 2018 - Would you like to get up close to the cooling towers and learn about the exciting new things happening at the Satsop Business Park? Well, now is your chance!

August 2017 – Only three months after the grand opening of the Evergreen Customer Care Call Center at the Satsop Business Park, the Port of Grays Harbor Commission approved a lease amendment to double’s footprint to include the entire 43,000 square foot Flex Tech Building.

December 2016 - The Satsop Business Park’s ready-to-use office space and redundant fiber and power have attracted a leading online retailer, to the Park.

March 2015 - The Port of Grays Harbor’s newest waterfront access facility, Friends Landing, is now taking reservations for the 2015 camping season.

February 2015 - Construction for the deepening of the Grays Harbor Navigation Channel to its fully authorized depth of -38 feet MLLW will get underway in 2015 as $8 million for this critical project was included in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Fiscal Year 2015 (FY2015) work plan that was released Tuesday.

November 2013 - Recognizing the value of manufacturing jobs to the region's economy, the Port of Grays Harbor Commissioners considered an innovative approach to revitalizing a shuttered manufacturing facility at Satsop Business Park during a special meeting Tuesday, November 5th.

September 2013 - For the fifth consecutive year, Satsop Business Park received the Washington State Department of Ecology’s “Wastewater Treatment Plant Outstanding Performance” award.

April 2013 - Picture this, a single filming location that offers not one, but two unused nuclear towers, acres of natural evergreen forests, a campus like business park and office space for production crew activities ~ picture Satsop Business Park as the new Hollywood sweetheart.

December 2012 - Satsop Business Park's unique infrastructure has expanded to include a deep-water port, full service marina and a jet-capable airport due to the Park's consolidation with the Port of Grays Harbor, Washington's only deep-water port located on the Pacific Coast.

November 2012 - With tunnel construction on the rise across the nation, contractors and emergency responders are required to train their personnel in case of a tunnel based emergency.

Alissa Shay