Rainy Day Espresso Opens to ‘Cheers’ at Satsop Business Park

October 2018 – The Satsop Business Park gained a new business this week that was welcomed with ‘cheers’ all around. Rainy Day Espresso, owned and operated by Barbie Haddock, opened with much excitement to the employees and visitors who call the business park “home” during the day.

Located near the intersection of Tower Boulevard and Olympic View Drive, Rainy Day Espresso will be open from 4:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on weekdays and will be open on weekends but may adjust the schedule accordingly based upon demand. A variety of beverages will be served including espresso drinks, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Eventually, Rainy Day plans to serve food as well. “We are excited to serve the growing customer base at the business park and look forward to diversifying our offerings based on what our customers want,” noted Barbie.

“As our customers at the business park continue to grow, we want to help them be successful by supporting the growth of amenities. We hope this will be a draw not only for our growing list of tenants, but also for those passing through the area,” said Satsop Business Park Manager of Business Development Alissa Shay.

Employees at the Satsop Business Park took a moment to say “cheers” in celebration of Rainy Day Espresso opening this week.

Alissa Shay