Satsop Business Park tunnel training facility featured in international tunnels magazine

November 2012 - With tunnel construction on the rise across the nation, contractors and emergency responders are required to train their personnel in case of a tunnel based emergency. Satsop Business Park responded last year with a decision to create a tunnel training facility utilizing existing infrastructure that allows trainers to create realistic tunnel emergencies in a safe, controlled environment. That decision is attracting international attention in Tunnels & Tunneling International magazine’s June/July edition.

Tunnels & Tunneling International publishes a monthly magazine and digital version that reaches the tunneling community in more than 100 countries. Local longtime journalist, Gail Ayres, tells the success story of Satsop Business Park’s tunnel training facility in the latest edition.

“We are very excited to share our experience and promote the facility to an international audience,” expressed Alissa Shay, Manager of Business Development at Satsop Business Park. “The tunnels are truly a unique asset and we would love to see them more widely used for tunnel rescue training and tunnel construction training. “

The tunnels, which are actually 12ft-diameter water pipes located 27ft below ground, were excavated, cut into and then enhanced with safety and utility systems in 2012. Since then, the training facility has welcomed groups such as the Seattle Fire Department, the Northwest Laborers-Employers Training Trust, and the James W. Fowler Co.

The Seattle Fire Department used the Satsop Business Park tunnel training facility for the first time in October 2012.

Alissa Shay