Tunnel Training

With tunnel construction on the rise across the nation, contractors and emergency responders are required to train their personnel in case of a tunnel based emergency. The Satsop Business Park boasts one of the most unique training sites on the West Coast with its Tunnel Training Facility.  The training site, which offers a rare opportunity to train underground in actual tunnels, features three 12-foot diameter pipes under roughly 27 feet of earth.  One of the tunnels is designed for live fire training while the other two are more than 1,000 feet long.

Private tunnel and construction companies are taking advantage of the Tunnel Training Facility for training their employees.   Rich Mascarello, tunnel manager at James w. Fowler Co., said,  “Practicing in a cylindrical shaped confined space environment gives our employees a true sense what it is like in a tunnel rescue, as opposed to training on a flat surface such as an empty parking lot.

Amenities include nearby restrooms, lunchroom, classrooms and plenty of parking and additional indoor and outdoor training areas.

Besides the underground tunnels the Satsop Business Park offers other unique structures that can be used in high-angle rescue, confined space rescue and other rescue training scenarios.

This progressive training site has first responders ecstatic.  “There is nowhere in the U.S. that has the potential for tunnel training like this place does with its 12-foot tunnels.  These pipes are similar to the real world of tunneling work that is taking place in the Seattle area as well as internationally,” said Alan Vickery, assistant chief of the Seattle Fire Department.

Alissa Shay